Not Cool.

The lack of snow is a sensitive topic for the whole of the skiing community, every time the winter season is around the corner most of us that frequent the Alps spend weeks monitoring the weather forecast and making mental calendars of snow levels according to the altitude. Sadly, this has turned into a common topic and it doesn’t seem to be going away, we call it “the death of the mountains.” It’s not pretty but it’s happening.

When we decided to create this brand we didn’t know what to call it, or what it was going to look like but we did know we wanted to be part of the initiatives that speak up and talk about this issue, not one that ignores it. It’s soul crushing and disappointing when we hear a new statistic proving that the snowy mountains won’t be there forever. Most recently, the BBC made a report about this and threw a more than depressing stat “in the next century Alps ski resorts will go from the current 350 to 55,” solely based on lack of snow.



In another study by the EPFL School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering in Switzerland, they found a decrease of snow of 50% even for elevations above 3000 m in the next century and almost no snow at all below 1200 m. According to the same study, winter will start 1 month later and end 1 to 3 months earlier, basically, snow days will be halved at an elevation around 1500 m. This makes for chilling results when thinking about the altitude level of the most common ski resorts in the Alps. People tend to say that humans will find a way to keep skiing, we will “create” mountains and shower them with synthetic snow and that might be the case but that won’t be a true outdoors or extreme sport. Along with “the death of the mountains” comes the death of skiing.


Forest Ski Segment From Valhalla from Sweetgrass Productions

But hey, we don’t want to bum you out, although it did bum us out to carry skies around in a grassy field to make a point. Skis obviously didn’t belong there, and that is exactly what we want to point out, we want you to know that there are tons of brands working towards being completely sustainable, there are independent ski designers that regardless of their business size they take an active approach towards being green, resorts finding new and innovative ways of being eco-friendly and treating snow like what is often referred to by locals: white gold.

We are not just a framed photography store, we want to be a space that hosts all of those that are making an effort to keep snow on the mountains for as long as possible, or to at least enjoy them while they last without causing a negative impact, we want to keep skiing alive.